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Josh Wiesman

President & CEO

Josh WiesmanJosh founded his first company, TWI LLC, as a sophomore in college. Josh successfully led the company to four international license deals for portions of the patent portfolio. After launching TWI, Josh consulted for a number of the medical giants and privately funded start-ups in the medical device community. In 2008 Josh was recruited to be the Director of Engineering at Portaero, Inc., a bay area startup, where he lead his team in developing a device treatment therapy for emphysema.

Josh has authored a number of medical publications, holds numerous US and international patents, and holds a MS and BS in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University.


Hari Sundram

Chief Medical Officer

Hari SundramDr. Sundram has been involved in developing medical device and drug companies for more than 10 years. He holds eight patents and multiple pending patents, all of which have been licensed to startups or major corporations. Dr. Sundram has been nominated for 40 under 40 by the BBJ. Dr. Sundram completed his anesthesiology residency at U Penn in 2006 and recently finished a fellowship in pain medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Keith Tritschler

Design Director

Keith TritschlerKeith's industrial design portfolio contains consumer electronics, medical devices & lifestyle consumer products. Specifically, he was the senior designer responsible for the Logitech Desktop range for over 10 years. His work has earned awards including; Red Dot, IF, Good Design Japan, CES Innovations, IDI annual product design & IDEA/IDSA Business Week Gold. Keith coordinates our holistic approach to brand, market, form and the intangible appeal that makes consumers purchase one product over another.

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